Stewart Rifles wants to be your trusted source for custom rifle building, accuracy enhancements and rifle modifications.

Specializing in Custom, Tactical, Hunting & Varmint Rifles

Rifle Accurizing

Metal Finishing

Barrel and Bolt Fluting

My name is Matt Stewart, owner of Stewart Rifles. I started Stewart Rifles in 2012 after a move to our current location in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. I began the business with the goals of doing what I love, working close to home and building a contented customer base.

Previous to starting Stewart Rifles, I worked at Surgeon Rifles for almost ten years, from its inception on. This experience was invaluable, with training from some very talented machinists and gunsmiths.

I strive to build the most precise and accurate rifles, giving extreme attention to detail. I do my best to provide a pleasurable experience for all of my customers by giving honest estimates on cost and lead times, and by giving you quality service for your investment.

What People are Saying

“Stewart Rifles is one of only a handful of shops that I refer customers to.

Matt’s machining and design experience allow him to meet or exceed tolerances that most other shops only hope to achieve. This combined with his excellent hand work and attention to detail result in finished rifles that are among the best of the custom builders in the country. I think his time spent orchestrating the process and building rifles for a large custom shop, then starting his own business puts Matt’s experience level far above most.

The Fit, Finish and of course the Accuracy of rifles coming out of Matt’s shop are second to none. He only uses the finest components and then personally makes sure that your dream rifle is delivered.

Matt is a shooter AND a builder. He is passionate about being both. I believe this insures that you can be comfortable with choosing Stewart Rifles to handle your next project.”

Terry Cross, Owner, KMW Long Range Solutions LLC


I got out to shoot this weekend. My jaw dropped! The rifle is incredible. I can’t thank you enough for the incredible work. I’ll certainly get the word out for you!


The rifle you built me is the most impressive custom rifle I have owned, and I have had very reputable smiths build my guns. As meticulous as I am, I tried to find one little thing wrong and I couldn’t.  The finish and fit are absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much for putting your care into this build. I will definitely be working with you again.”


“Matthew is best known for building tactical and hunting rifles but he built me a HAMMER of a F-Class rifle as well. Surgeon 591 action configured as a single shot short action with 3 barrels. A 284 Win at 32″ straight 1.25″ Kreiger, a 30″ Bartlein straight 1.25″ in 6.5×47 and finally a 30″ Kreiger straight 1.25″ in 6mm Dasher. I mostly use the 284 at 1000 yards and the 6.5 or Dasher at 600. The 6.5×47 got me a HIGH MASTER card from the NRA this year but since he did the Dasher barrel I have shot a personal best of 599-42X. I have only shot the dasher at two matches and both were 599s out of 600 at 600 yards. I used a McMillan stock and the bedding is beautiful. Matthew is a first class person to deal with and clearly he can build guns that shoot lights out.

Thanks Matthew for building me the HAMMER !!!”


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